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Who is Wide Range of Resources?

We are a company dedicated to providing behavioral health counseling services to adults and children requiring therapeutic intervention. We are staffed by Licensed Clinical Social Workers and have the latest skills related to appropriate therapeutic interventions that enable an individual to cope with various stressors.


 IFI Program
Family Intervention Program ...

Wide Range of Resources, Inc. strives to provide quality, accessible, rehabilitative treatment and supportive services to improve the quality of life for children and adolescents ages 6-17 years of age and their families.

At Wide Range of Resources, inc. we believe in the value of each individual. Because individuals are valued, each individual can achieve realistic goals with the appropriate therapeutic support from others.

Wide Range of Resources, Inc. has provided services in the local area for nearly 10 years. At its inception, services were geared to providing access to behavioral health services to the most in need citizens because services were often limited to this population or they were reluctant to seek services. As the agency developed and was able to network with various agencies in the community as well as become a provider for private and public sectors of various insurance and governmental agencies, a diverse population of clients sought the services.

The agency offers an array of behavioral health services to meet the needs of individuals by enhancing their coping skills in order to enable them to function in challenging situations and maintain the desired quality of life. In June of 2006 the agency began providing services to adult consumers released from the local psychiatric hospital and transitioned to residential settings in the community; staff teach various life skills to consumers in order to help them successfully transition; nursing support and substance abuse services are also provided to forensic consumers transitioned into the community.

Through the Intensive Family Intervention program services are provided to children and families to promote and restore family unity. The agency works very closely with the Department of Family and Children Services, the juvenile Justice Department, the local school systems, the Solicitor General’s Office and a number of agencies.

Currently the agency serves a caseload of about 70% child and adolescent population and 30% adult population with diverse needs and the primary goal of the agency is to promote and establish and individual sense of self value and promote family unity.

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Because of the expertise and years of experience, the WRR team of consultants provide training for agencies in the following areas:
   Treatment Planning

   Power Point presentations

   Strategic Planning

   Performance Improvement

   Employee Relations

   Effective and Efficient services

   Rights and Ethics


   Treatment Strategies
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